The Lush Life

The wonderfully luscious greeny days of first summer are filling the valley.  Cotton-tailed rabbits are on the run across the meadow for the pure zigzagging joy of it.  Birds, having set up summer homes in thicket and tree, are singing their pleasure in all they do.  And I've found that a doe glimpsed on the move with her rickety-legged fawn still yet has the power to wrap my heart in a white flag of surrender.

The frogs have claimed this summer as their own.  A fearless disregard for all not-frog marks their every day and my every night.  Nights filled with the hoarse croaking and barking of their love song to the moon, the tree above them, the glory of water.  My every night.  A lullaby.

Last week an errant duck accompanied by five unspeakably precious ducklings made her way down the western hillside, slid into the pond, swam with all possible haste to the other side and left the water immediately.  She then moved up the eastern hillside, children in tow, as quickly as possible without so much as a backward glance.  She was here for two minutes, maybe three and in those brief moments came to own the day.  Remember when that strange small duck, a mallard I think.....