Teddie the Cat

The siren call of cat song has lured Teddie out of the crawlspace and back into our lives.  Once again he lives for love.  He is thin.  His head is smaller than it has ever been.  Smaller even than it was before either onslaught of cat dengue.  The last probably was a snakebite as I can now see two parallel fang shaped marks on his neck.  But he lives!  And is well.

He is making up for the time lost away from love o love.  He rolls and tumbles when we sing to him unable to contain himself. He stretches into my hand to rise up and meet each caress. His purr is a two-part harmony.  I believe him to be writing Odes to My Lovely Mistress in praise of my long nails and their exquisite sharpness.

Ted the Cat.  He's back.