From the eastern horizon to the west, clouds have covered these July skies. One in particular seems to have claimed our southern hillside and returns as both mirror and crown each and every evening.  It was under this influence that as I lay watching others float past I started to seriously consider the possibility of their being more than simply a weather phenomena  but began instead to perceive them as beings.  As shape-shifting beings.  As fellow earthlings.

What manner of madness might this be?  Clouds as beings...independent, possible sentient beings? Have the burdens and their stresses of this past year pushed my mind over the thin edge it generally calls home?  Or have I at last become free enough to think the unthinkable?  Certainly the chain of events we have have been subjected to this past year have been unthinkable.  Maybe when one's last and mostly feeble straw holding the possibility of a consistent sanity in the human-made world is gone the mind becomes free to wander where it will.

And why not?  If I were considering life on another planet, outside our known system,  I would not have any trouble whatsoever imagining a shape-shifting, airborne lifeform.  If I take that same opportunity of open-mindedness to consider all occupants of our own exquisite planet then yes! cloud becomes earthling.

Clouds. They are born. They grow. They congregate. They play, oh how they play.  And eventually they return to the element from which they came.  Just like us.  And maybe, like so many of my fellow non-human earthlings, they will help me understand the possibilities for my own life outside the many prejudices our human-made systems require.

My brother, the deer.  My sister, the cloud...she passes above and bathes me in beautiful shadow. Obscure my many judgements today, Cloud.  Soften them and return my thoughts to magic.