Luck: Let it be Good and Plenty

Last night a handkerchief-sized bit of brown velvet blown back and forth across the room turned into a bat. We saw him/her or a close cousin upstairs last week but mistakeningly thought she/he had left to return to either the bat cave or bat barn.  But no.

After a few mad dashes across the room this smallest of flying mammals tucked into an upper rafter. We thought about helping it find a way out with shooing noises and a broom but that seemed too radical for such a lovely little creature so we decided instead to just close off the room, open the windows and leave it to the bat to find her own way out.

Fine and dandy.  Until I got ready for bed and lo! the bat appeared suddenly in the bedroom.  A bat trapped in a living room is one thing but a bat in the bedroom, at night, is an entirely different creature.  And one that must go.  We ducked and chased.  We closed off doors and opened windows.  We shooed. We turned off lights inside and turned on lights outside.  All to no avail.  Fully armed with towels we went in ready to capture the bat in mid-flight. Sure.

Finally the by-now-exhausted bat threw herself on the bed. We tossed a robe over her, bundled her up in the bedding and out she went.  As she flew away she didn't so much as give us a backward glance.  I can't say we were sorry to see her go either.  But she was lovely and whatever (unearned) evil reputation she may hold in the western world she is a creature symbolic of good fortune in the east.  And since these are among the things I can choose I will choose to see her as just that.

Good fortune.  Let it make the rounds.  Let it fly from our house to yours and back again.  Good luck, something we all need from time to time.  Sometimes a little.  Sometimes a lot. However much you may need today....let it be yours.