Trickster Weather

This weather!

I find myself chasing the temperatures, all eyes on the thermometer in one hour's moment only to return to indifference in the next.  Short distances traveled require clothing for any and all contingencies: sweaters and boots, gloves, coats and hats fill the back of the van whatever forecaster's promise may be.

Promises, promises.  My life has been filled with them.  Most of which I've made myself to myself.  And many of which I have broken.  I take them all quite seriously when I'm in the making of them.  My intentions are good.  No doubt the vows I've made,both public and private, were made in all sincerity.

But when I'm looking to balance up the books - quantitative delights becoming irresistible in this context - I find promises broken by a multitude of others to far outweigh my own, mostly unrepentant, breakage. As a child I pledged allegiance with not a clue as to what exactly I was pledging.  In fact, even before I knew how allegiance was spelled, much less what it was.  Oh say can you see...a small hand covering a small heart.  How sweet to gaze up at the white stars scattered across a blue field surrounded by red and white stripes!

My thermometer is also red and white, an ever-moving line of red centered over white plastic.  Today I am much more interested in following this line up and down it's dashed line of degree than the red or blue of political loss or gain.  An hour ago we were back down to 28 degrees.  I think I'd better go see how much more we've dropped since then.  I might need to bring in more wood.