Restoration Investigation

The sun moves, once again, across a blown-cloud covered sky.  The kind of sky featured in photographs of our planet as seen from space;  all a marbley white and deep periwinkle blue.

Small frisky winds run the columned halls of deciduous tree trucks as branches join landscape to skyscape above them.  This dovetailing of forest to sky at ridgetop piano-keys eager music sweet-songing the sun along its merry way.  Galileo's laws have been restored - yesterday's standstill of a day enough of a rebellion for a millennium at the least.

Dance or trudge. Swim, crawl or fly but move we must.  Tao is written in early Small Seal Script as human running.  Little wonder I have found its study to be so welcome in my life for so long.  I adjust this life of mine to many laws.  Only nature's are a pleasure.