White Winter

Snow covered meadow and hillside has been ice-smoothed to porcelain here in Bethel. Once upon a time people often asked what my influences were in painting and I am truly astounded on this day to realize I left from that list this snow-filled ice-crusted winter landscape. Inexplicably missed also were my grandfather's dalmatians:  three in succession...all named Spot.

I realized too, this morning, that to wish to become more thoughtful in no way diminishes the thoughtfulness that has come before. I don't have to chastise myself for missing these primary visual influences on what has become a long-term engagement with a black and white palette, instead I'll just settle in with the wonder of having left out something so obvious.

Wonder. A wonderland.  A winter wonderland.  Interesting that the word is rarely used to describe other seasons.  Only winter holds the magical sudden appearance of snow...flake after tiny flake adding up to inches becoming feet so quickly...then the poof! of melt.

Snow covers Stone Mountain to our west and the temperature has dropped to zero.  All our shamans...gadget, bird and leaf...have predicted brevity for this particular winter engagement.  In a day or two I'll return to the life that includes a lot of coming and going but for now? Remembered delight of polka-dotted dogs....

and the beauty of long black shadows inking across an endless white.