The Return

Winter has returned in all bitter and biting glory to the Bethel valley.  Winds slammed the house in late hours of the night and we woke to a world frozen.  There is a madness in my passion for this bleak unforgiving season, of this I have no doubt.  The sharpened focus of single digit temperatures becomes a balm of sorts.  My shared human world concerns are suddenly elemental:  water, warmth and food.  These most basic needs have become a given in our first world societies.  But not so in the world occupied by countless refugees.  Not so in the world occupied by those unfortunate enough to live in active war zones.  Not so for those consigned to poverty wherever their place on the global map.  With these extremes at work however, whatever boot your foot has slipped into today first priority will be warmth whoever you may be:  rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief....

But beyond the egalitarian I simply and clearly love who I become in these coldest of days. Maybe it's the seriousness of purpose I am not required to mask to accommodate the prevailing chauvinism of our time.  Not on this day.

In the land of fairy tales the kingdom of cold is ruled by a queen.

Each season brings its gifts.