February 14th

Under an opalescent sky  I walked the Bethel woods this morning.  I had set out with no particular destination or purpose other than pleasure but found myself gathering twigs on the way back all the same.  The smaller the twigs the better when it comes to fire starting and a bundle filled my arms in pretty short order - a bounty of recent roof-racking wall-pounding winds. Wind chill factoring may lower our gauge  but nature always has a way of providing a potential balance and what could be better than a fire quick and hot on these cold cold nights?

Valentine's Day!  David quoted a piece that had something or other to do with the red lips of an aging Jezebel and that suited me just fine.  Infamous women!  We need to be either very good or very very bad to be remembered and my study of history has given me to think the reputation of the very very bad has generally been created to cover rebelliousness.  Whatever the case, we are mostly remembered for the how of conduct rather than the what of making.  What creatures we are!

But, being as today is dedicated to the great god LOVE, I will make every effort to do so.  Laughter helps.  Did you hear the one about the guy who....