Chaucer Bells

I am not exactly starving but very very hungry.  For green.  The evergreenery of pine and rhododendron hold me through the winter months but like all devotees I want more. Today the first of that more appeared in the form of a small green delicate flower I've come to know as Chaucer Bell.  I've also come to know the doubling truth of its shapely name ringing in the opening note of spring.  Following soon will be crocus, daffodil and the holy-to-me wakerobin trillium.  Then the great lusciousness of leaf.  I am soothed by promise, a promise that has yet to be broken.

On the other end of the spectrum, by the chance of a wrong number, yesterday I found myself lost and wandering through a bureaucratic maze that included a hellish center of suffering called the Health Department.  I can only hope the name of this particular entity, Community Care, is an outright lie.  If not, only the lowest level of Dante's Inferno would be a fitting end for those whose business this travesty was created and is run by.  Only Gaza's refugee camp could be more bleak, more hard-bitten.  I am ashamed to be part of a society whose creations this included.  If indeed there is still a 'war on poverty'  I can now take that to mean a war on the poor.

There are some among us who could argue determinism.  There are some who would plead karma.  The nihilism I stay entirely too close to could argue this hideousness as evidence of a long-awaited end to our collective madness.  I'm not buying any of it.  Not today. Instead I see our greatest god of the moment at work, the voracious god of Greed. Goya's horrific painting, Saturn Devouring His Children could be the perfect image to describe this particular age. The painting may hang in the Prado but the god is out and about.  With plenty of devotees and plenty, it would seem, to eat.

The Chaucer Bell.  A tiny thing and brief. All the same, she stands clear-eyed, fresh and lovely.  She is both promise and promise satisfied.  Forbes may have his list but I have mine.  And on it, the Chaucer Bell.