Apple Magic

Driving down George's Gap yesterday, at the last curve I looked up and saw a bulldozer busy at work digging a road across one of my favorite hillsides.  This was inevitable and I knew it but the strike to my heart came all the same.

About this time something small, red and on the move caught my eye outside the window of the car... an apple rolling right alongside me. Where it could have come from I had no idea. No houses around and the only people I had seen on the road were a couple of cyclists several miles back.  But here it was: fresh, lively and moving at a steady clip.  Down the road we went.

The apple tree and I have always gotten along.  They are common, it's true, but much admired and held in a certain esteem by me regardless of Johnny's proletarian dispersal . The apple.  Filled with strange magic, apples turn up everywhere from Genesis to Snow White and on that particular ride I think one may have shown up for me.  What a thought and why not?  Neither logic, religion or any number of deterministic philosophies would have been much help to my heart in that moment but apple magic saved and carried the day.  My  broken heart  began to mend and on I went.

And on I go. We'll see pink and white apple blossoms soon. The promise they hold may be more than I've ever dreamed.