Earth Day

Flashing greens hold the day, hold the wind, hold the rain that comes and goes.  Chartreuse holds the whitish yellow bud of maple's flowering.  Stem green holds the rowdy group of rabbits come to run and chase the libido by which the prurient know them.  Leaping through this book of love written in tiger-lily patches of greenery, five then suddenly six rabbits turn and circle-speed up then back down the hillsides, their own backsides patched with small balls of white.

They are, quite possibly, the softest of all Earth's offerings on this day.  
They are, quite possibly, the most joyful of all Earth's  offerings on this day.

Cottontail.  What pleasure the word in my mouth.  What pleasure their long-eared, big-footed leap through my day.  Our day.  EarthDay.