Fox Gloved

The foxes - have they danced away in lavender and white gloves?  The lower blossoms went missing from the high stalked flower last night and being as they weren't to be seen dropped and scattered about the surrounding ground I can only wonder if they came in the night for a finishing touch of formal wear.

I have seen a dancing fox, a fox cavorting in the meadow, jumping and rolling, even turning on her back, black stockinged legs kicked high in the air, all to tease a cat. And being as I have seen this I have become willing, quite willing, to add dancing to the list of fox accomplishments.

Anthropomorphic?  Absolutely.  After all, I only have human language to describe the splendid fox. As much as I would like, I don't speak fox.  All I am left to work with are english metaphors,  english descriptions.  If I have offended fox by ascribing human behavior to what could be an altogether superior species, I can only offer apologies.

Elegant creature fox is,  I think an apology could be accepted most graciously.  We are, more often than I would like, a rather gauche and rude species with a self-proclaimed insistence on superiority in all things.  Who knows, fox may even find my apology refreshing.  From my point of view, we of the human species have to start somewhere.  It's a small beginning.  But a beginning all the same.

And who knows where it might lead?  One day we could even have a flower named for us.  One day we may even be invited to the dance.