Lovers, Everywhere

I know what it is I saw and I saw it clearly.  But I didn't understand what I was seeing.  Not at all.

Storms raged through the valley all this past week, usually beginning in the late afternoon and lasting until early evening.  Filled with Faulkner's sound and fury they made at times what seemed to be a bellowing.  A demand. And the trees, well the trees answered that demand.  At first I assumed they had, like the rest of us, little or no choice but to wait to submit.

But as I watched through the window I  realized the trees weren't simply being tossed back and forth by the winds but were reaching for the lightening.  Their shuddering through thunder was an ecstasy. Their lovers had come and they were dancing.

This morning all is the calming green of early spring.  The trees appear as chaste and innocent as a child.  But I know what I saw in the night when the storms came.  I may not understand but I won't forget.