In the dream I became afraid and cried out.  I knew my Mother lay sleeping in one of the dreamrooms in the dreamhouse and I was hoping she might hear me.  Soon I heard her footsteps on the staircase of the dreamhouse as she made her way down into the room where I lay.  She put her hand on my face and even though it was dark in the dreamroom I knew she was smiling.  In dreamtalk she told me there was a rabbit outside.  A beautiful rabbit.

As lazy in love as I am in most things,  I rarely am up early enough for first light but this morning the pleasure was mine.  Watching the mist-filled eastern light make its way down the rhododendron blossom covered hillside, I considered the message this strange dream held and realized that in my worlds, both dream and waking, as long as the world is safe enough for a rabbit to be out and about that I can be safe.  I can be sound.

And my Mother's hand on my face?  It was as soft as a rabbit.