Trees are in the house

And why not?  The walls, flooring and floors, joists and joints, posts and studs that created the house are, shall we say, 'tree-sourced'. Tables, chairs, beds and dressers, desks, shelves and cabinets:  also tree-sourced.  So why shouldn't they come on in and make themselves at home since they did in fact create the house that became our home?

Rather than as building materials or furnishings, in this particular instance trees have entered in the form of cut logs.  Cut log, fodder or fuel: firewood by any other name would surely smell the same chain-sawed, chopped and split for the woodstove then set alight.

I like to think I prefer trees green-leafed and wind-swayed.  I believe this to be true.  In reality the warmth provided by a cut and dried branch burning in a metal container called stove in the room called kitchen on a chilled morning satisfies just as utterly just as completely.

Easy to think of Druids as simple-minded, brown-robed folkworks muttering incantation while under the power of a full moon.  Easy to think of them in a somewhat patronizing and condescending way.  Or is it?  After all...

trees are in the house.