Badger Cafe: Update

I realize to continue to portray myself exclusively as a loving, caring and kind person is to stretch the credulousness of those who know me to breaking point.  Oh, of course those traits are mixed in with the rest of what might be called my personality and we all like to put forward the proverbial best foot (we know which one that would be for David, don't we?) especially at the start of any venture.

In this case the venture would be the Badger Cafe.  Magic abounds, and must, but there is other stuff going on that I must confess (before I'm found out anyway).  First, yes it is true that we have not been charging our customer.  We have an unspoken agreement that those affairs would be taken care of by some sort of future settlement.  However, after seeing the line-up in progress for that shiny, coin-filled day prudence demanded that the customer in question start washing a few dishes here and there as a gesture of good-will.  Gotta pay to play and all that.

He is a decidedly better dishwasher than the previous and no-longer-with-us employee (whose slovenliness was responsible for a drop in the sanitary rating of 72 of which we were so proud to the current wretched low of 64).  And yes, it's true he has been asked more than once to heat up the pans as part of our 'guest chef' program.  To our credit these activities really could be considered a jump start on the physical therapy he will soon begin anyway.

These actions could be pushing the edge of what some of you might call 'taking advantage' but I can absolutely and categorically deny that he has been forced into service as a waiter no matter what he may say.  And please remember, no matter what his accusations he has been seriously drugged.  I would take all criticisms of the Badger you may be hearing with a grain of percocet.  Whoa, I meant salt.