Badger Cafe

Here at the Badger Cafe we're serving up enhancement.  From deep in the belly of the biospheric market:  cans, bottles and jars arrive daily in Bethel ready to be, how shall we say, 're-sourced'.  A tomato turned canned sauce turns yet again into the edible with an infusion of garlic.  Lentil soup perks itself up by way of  curry. Oh the potato!  Surely this most innocent of vegetables holds the essence of what it means to be recycled.

Serving up three meals a day (and plenty of snacks), it matters little to the staff at the Badger what number of customers we might be serving.  One or one hundred, we've come to actually prefer having just the one on whom we can lavish our full attention and care.

The staff of three, myself and two ever-faithful felines, perhaps a bit lazy but on the clock without fail, is also perfect number for a small establishment.  No water-cooler gossip on which to waste company time, no in-house bickering over the size of year end bonuses and very few worries about outsourcing.  Layoffs?  Not a chance.  Like Melville's Bartelby, we simply won't go.

The Badger Cafe, so named by our one customer who woke up yelling "is that some sort of badger or what banging around in there?"  Enhancement...enchantment...a little abracadabra.  We're serving up magic here at the Badger.