David's foot was operated on this past Monday by the good doctor Fleming.  Two enormous screws are holding it together.   I was expecting small fine screws much like what might be found in a good Swiss watch but no -  these look like they came straight of a box of drywall screws and must surely be a couple of inches long.  Little wonder Fleming calls it 'bone carpentry'.

He is home and ensconced like a Grand Pasha in what had been the living room that had become my studio (lots of space to wheel around in).  He is as comfortable as is possible; sleeping, streaming netflix and cyber surfing when he can.  His energy level is, not surprising, low.

Domestic skills have never been my forte but I'm improving and so far what I've cooked has proved to be edible.  Tough going for a guy who enjoys food as much as he does but no complaints so far.  He has been seriously drugged so that could change soon.

Everything does.