Badger Cafe Update III: Coup d'etat, An Attempt

A coup d'etat has been attempted at the Badger.  As you know from a previous dispatch our guest chef program expanded to include a guest dishwasher with which we were quite pleased.  There was a bit of grumbling from the permanent staff but overall the entire program has been well-received in the community.  So much so we were actually considering accepting an in-kind grant for a few upgrades.   Today those dreams are in shambles!

The so-called 'guest chef' bit by bit, bite by bite, meal by meal has all but taken over the kitchen.  The occasional side dish grew into full entrees, lunch came to include dinner and now even the once simple breakfast offered by The Badger has been usurped by this maniac.  Yes, maniac!  Imagine three course servings at each and every meal and you may begin to understand exactly how far from the lovely simplicity of which we were so proud we have strayed. And the dishes, washed after each and every use. Washed! A good swipe and rinse has always been beautifully adequate but no -it's soap and sponge everywhere now. And, for the pans:  drying. Yes, drying.