Snowstorms, in near record-temperature-breaking succession, each a powdery snow followed by thin films of ice, have doubled the more-than-enough trouble we've had these past couple of months, but trouble lately seems to be lessening on all fronts.

After two months of David's slow progress we're suddenly much more optimistic than we have been. Challenge has become progress.  Visible progress!  The foot bones are knitting and the overall Byronic dislocation has been reduced, somewhat.  David is keen to learn to use whatever he has, whatever that is.

As for me, now that I've surrendered the Badger Cafe, I'm thinking about painting quite a bit more than even the usual lately. The 'movement' I was in at the time of the accident is still quite lively.  The writing has been lively also but is very separate, always has been, with its own exclusive needs.  One art does not satisfy the other.  Maybe like being bi-sexual, I don't know.