Frog Prince

An enormous bullfrog is holding court today on Grass Island.  This tiny kingdom appears every spring, rising from the depths of Spring Water Pond, replete with a population of one.  How lovely to rule, how lovely to sing the law of the land in whatever key one may please while long-limbed maidens circle his kingdom.

Soon enough a  floating beauty will entice him into the water and he will forget his small kingdom. He will abandon all for the splay-legged miss, following her as closely as skin will allow, living watery bliss until she leaves him and her small sac of eggs for an appointment, long-standing, with the mud she loves above all.

He will return to Grass Island when she leaves him.  He will sing.  He will sing the summer, sing the rain, sing the star of the dark night, sing the reflection of the cloud-wrapped tree top, sing  the ripple and sing the small wave.  Her...he will never speak of again.