Badger Cafe: Setback?

Here at the Badger we cannot help but wonder about the truth of this setback our 'guest chef' has experienced these past few days.   Granted, there are certain physical indicators but could those have been exaggerated or even faked in a seriously deranged attempt to return to being waited on hand and foot? I am partially to blame admittedly: who exactly could resist the delectable one-course meals prepared when I was in charge of the kitchen?  Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches served round the clock! Lentil soups spiced ever-so-lightly with curry and of course my near-famous mac and cheese. Fresh food straight out of the box!

Who could resist and why should he?  Why should any of us resist the things we love?  How absurd. I'm sure not putting up any resistance to anything this beautiful man may want and if that must include a return to my special mustard-smeared sardine on saltine appetizer so totally delicious it turned into an be it.