Badger Cafe Update: Super Tuesday

Since everyone seems to have joined in the fray, we here at the Badger are not only going to mark our slips (rather than slipping the mark, which at this time would put 'guest chef' right back in the wheelchair from which he has become increasing free) but urge our readers to same.

After much laughter and headshaking we have finally have a candidate whom we wish to endorse.  After his numerous attempts over the course of many years to capture the White House we are sincere in our belief that, once again, the much loved, the well-tailored and impeccably dressed Pat Paulson is a most obvious  choice.  Pat for President! We intend to write him in on however many ballots we can lay our hands on and include him in however many parties we can come up with. Oh how he did love a party!

Although dead for many years (well not that long-but exaggeration is the coin of the day) we do not think of him as especially mouldery and believe it would be safe to assume that because he was so youthful and well-preserved in life those attributes would follow him into the grave.  Also keep in mind that his so-called death may be yet another rumor planted by the opposition.

Mark the Slip for Pat!  A Vote for Pat  is a not only a Vote for the Right Party it's a Vote for the Right to Party!  Pat for Prez!