The Rabbit's Tale

The rabbit never lost a race in her life and certainly not to a turtle. I asked her why she thought this story continued to make the rounds year after hundred year.  After a long and considered pause she leaned back on her notably large back feet, twitched her nose, smoothed her small ruff, considered once again the luscious bunched carrots I had brought and said

it was the sex.  We've talked about this quite a bit over the years and really the only thing we could come up with was the over-all envy of the joyful promiscuity of our young by the turtle clan.  They have a difficult time of it with the hard shell casing and all and we try to keep that in mind and not judge them too terribly harshly.  They tried shaming us about our pleasurable lives and we just laughed. When they saw a direct approach wasn't going to work they went for our speed, knowing what a great source of pride our world class sprinters were to us.

Well, the media got hold of it and there you have it.  What was a rather sad and malicious rumor became fact, turned into fable and now we have become a symbol of arrogance for hundreds of generations.  The more tempestuous of us wanted the immediate satisfaction of revenge. Unfortunately a few shells were overturned but cooler heads prevailed and their response, with its world-wide embrace, has been a great source of satisfaction to us all.

At this point she permitted herself a small chuckle.  All over the world tomorrow human children will be hunting painted eggs we have hidden for them.  Where do you think those eggs came from?  Turtles!  

And with  a flick of her cotton-white ball of a tail she (along with the bunch of carrots) was suddenly gone, completely disappeared into the tall green grasses. Walking away I saw a sparkle in the grass, leaned down and found a diamond encrusted blue enameled egg she had left for me...a Faberge no less!.  The note she had left with it read.. for listening but not necessarily believing everything you hear.