Outcroppings of rock, both shale and boulder, have taken this thinly misted day as their own.  Most stayed on the hillside, but a few slipped their banks, shattering and crumbling onto the roadside. Gravity's invisible embrace.

There are signs to be read alongside the road; warning signs alerting us to the possibility of falling rock, but I have never actually seen one fall.  And I have never known anyone who has seen one fall. This absence of witness is probably just as well, being as to see one fall would, in all likelihood, include the witness to the fall in the fall itself. Much like a witness to a murder in an old-fashioned crime novel.

We know so little about the world we inhabit...were these fallen rocks caught up in one of the strings along which gravity is said to vibrate? Or, filled with joy on hearing the music played on those strings, did they simply abandon themselves for a brief moment to the air?

Yet again, the earth moving in her mysterious ways.