Long before the human-made locked, stocked and barricaded,
long before we were pressed, wrapped and card-board boxed
into our currently all-the rage-included biospheric lives,

long before two sticks spinning circles on a wall, two sticks we call time,
long before rectangular pieces of paper decorated with numbers,
generally a hands length and green, this called money, came to rule our lives,

long before when our gods walked the earth, were the earth,
long before when our gods ruled the skies and were the skies
suffering wasn't part of the deal.  If we suffered we died and that was that.

But now we learn to suffer, we study our suffering, we understand
our suffering as an inevitable and perhaps even holy thing parcel-posted
by the universe directly to the door:  a custom-made teaching tool.

Shattered feet, shrunken heads, rampaging viruses, cancer cancer cancer,
or the bad backs graciously leading one to consider their scarcity issues,
lead poisoning the small nervous systems of children, worm-holed souls

and all in such abundance!  Just lucky I guess.