We catwalked to the dancefloor in the shortest skirt
                                                     in the highest heel
with the reddest lips
with the longest lashes.

Our earrings dangled and called.  We were answered.

I danced with a man who had just kissed a man.  I danced
with a woman and laughed at the men who watched.  We

were all laughing.  We were all drinking.  We were all
snorting cocaine.  We were all shooting poppers on the


It was beautiful dancing midnight across the darkness into
the next morning.  We were beautiful.  I have no regrets.

Body to body we throbbed.  Body to body we tossed.
Body to body we raised our arms to our gods who loved
us.  We were adored by the night.  We were loved.

I have no regrets.
The only regret would have been not to have been there,