Transparent w/Crow

Six black crows have flown in and out of the apple tree this morning, coming for their annual harvest of transparents.  They've been watching the tree for a week, waiting for the perfect pitch of ripeness, and this morning decided delectable was the day.  So far they have been plucking and carrying the apples to the bottom of the nearest meadow to immediately devour the green feast.

There are probably four or five different varieties of apple trees in our small orchard but the crows have no interest in any but the transparent.  I, too, share their preference for these above all others. The apple is smallish, pale green and very smooth.  They are tender from the start and that is why they have little or no market:  they do not last long enough to ship and refuse to ripen once off the stem.

The green of the skin is pale and flawless.  The inside is white and juicy with just enough of a crunch. I think surely the painters of the Renaissance did not know this apple, otherwise the one Eve offered Adam century after painted century may not have been red at all but brushed lightly and delicately green; a celadon, if you will.  As for the snake...might that have been a crow instead?