Advise, Columned

Live as long as you can.
Do something well,
if at all possible.
If not, enjoy what others
may do well.

Go outside, as often
as you can, if you cannot
then try to spend
some time at the window.
What you see is where
you are from.

If you can't see
a bit of a tree or
a clump of grass
from your window
then look up, eventually
a cloud will pass.
In this situation it could
be worth waiting for.

Take pleasure in weather,
if you can, as rains,
snows wind and fogs
are one of life's consistencies.

Whatever you may read,
or hear, there is one word
that might be worth
keeping in mind: could.

Because whatever you may
read or hear wordwise
describes an experience
or a thing and is not
the experience or the thing.
You are the thing.