Birds: A Day

There was a day...
it was late afternoon
when the sky was golden,
and my friend and I
were standing on a street
in Columbia, South Carolina,
a town known for being hot
really hot but it was not
especially hot that particular
day, an early fall day,
and we were at ease,
my friend and I, standing
on the sidewalk, waiting
to cross a not very busy
street down in Five Points,
a part of town filled with
good-time bars and restaurants.
We weren't in a hurry that day,
standing on the sidewalk
just looking around
when in the sky
we noticed a large mass of
birds flying above our
heads.  We looked to see
where these birds had come
from and in cool-shattering
wonder realized we could not see
their beginning  nor their end.
This flock of birds flew from
eastern sky to western sky.
We stood and watched this
miracle for a good fifteen
minutes. The flock's end was
still not yet in sight as we
finally crossed the street,
got in our cars and left, both
of us in a daze, for appointments
long since forgotten.  But

this, that golden day, when
birds ribboned the whole of the sky,
calls me, calls me to witness....

...there was a day.