A soaked-coat fox
moves steady
through the swish and sway
of  high altitude grasses
moves steady
from where I first saw him
into today
roaming time
roaming memory he is a
twenty-years yesterday fox.

Wet and thin, he was also,
on that damp day,
a late winter early spring fox
not so glossy as he had been,
a little ragged but still - fox!

Tented, I was laying
in the cleared fill
of long  grass
when I saw him
moving through
Russell's Field
on his way to way
and his here to now.

He is a lively and excellent
companion, little changed
after twenty years traveling time
with its great abundances
of rain and wind and sun.

Fox tells me
the meadow
is as it was,
with him and me
in the long grass
on the high hill,

in the meadow.