First Dispensation of Summer

Everything.  He said E is for Everything.
All this leafery with the wind blown in
silky but loud?                        
                                                Definitely that.

The bullfrog's twangy Chinese lovesong
for a lily-pad-kimono wearing geisha
on the other side of the world?
                                                Always included.

A small orange salamander living deep
in the woods without any kind of alphabet,
without numbers?                  
                                                 Couldn't do without her.

And the happiness that suddenly becomes
sadness.  The bitterness, the hate mixing it
up with compassion?            
                                                  Let's have it all.

The first taste of charred food, toes bared in
sandals, vacation bible school, vases filled
and windows opened?            
                                                 All those pleasures, yes.

Skin filling with tan, sunglasses, breezy dresses
and girls with shorts up to here eating ice cream
eating sherbert, eating teenage boys' dreams?
                                                 More pleasure, certainly.

And god looking in the window, peeking
through the wide open door, dancing through
the sweet song of yesterday's heartache?

                                                  Everything.  For you.